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The period from five to 10 years of age is critical in the development of childrens reading, writing and thinking skills. This coincides with teaching and learning in the foundation phase (grades R to 3), and continues into the intermediate phase (grades 4 to 6). All further learning rests on these foundations, which should enable children to reach their full potential and function effectively in society. Yet recent studies show that South Africas learners are falling behind internationally and failing to master basic literacy skills.

Primary school is the first major part of your kid's schooling. Without the appropriate principles, it may discourage your child from achieving their goals in the future. Kidzcatchup Tuition Centre sets the correct state of mind in place for your kid. It determines them to take some time out of play to really study. As our Educators were once pupils before and went throughout the schooling system, they'd realise what your child is experiencing. Through their encounter and expertise, they may determine what your youngster needs to improve on as well as how they could help your child. It might not be easy for the kid when they initial step foot in a primary school as it's a completely new experience to them.

They may need some time to adjust to the environment as well as their surroundings. Some of them may feel too overwhelmed as well as start thinking about home as opposed to paying attention in class. With the aid of Kidzcatchup tuition, it gives them the personal attention needed and will help to bridge the gap. They'd undoubtedly be capable of focusing better one-to-one  compared to a group of 30 to 40 pupils.

Kidzcatchup strives to make learning a fun experience! Playing games is very important in learning while we are young. As we get older we tend to play games for relaxation and by the time we become adults we often consider games as a waste of time. Education is a lifelong experience and we must not ignore any of the avenues that are available to help us learn. Let us make learning fun.

Kidzcatchup Education Centres assist kids teaching the alphabet and words practically through gamesvisual aidssongspoemsrhyme, actions and captivating stories. Using traditional teaching methods coupled with Technology. We will provide innovative lessons to bring out the best from your child.

Fun practical and worksheet activities to enhance listening, reading and writing skills.

Oral and written comprehension activities to improve thinking and reasoning. Encouraging and guiding learners to design their own games and learning aids by using their creativity.

Allowing learners the opportunity to contribute to lessons and ensuring that they are actively involved. Most importantly they should view themselves as lifelong reflective learners and in the process creating a positive support structure for assisting learners.

"Building a FIRM foundation is key for any growing child, when the fundamentals are instilled in a developing mind , learning becomes easy"

Kidzcatchup was developed the sole intent of getting the basics right the 1st time !! 


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I would like to thank you, her 1st term report is good, she is getting 50% to 69% for such a short period , using the Kidzcatchup Programme, she is doing well - Keep up the good work .

- Puseletso - Protea Glen-


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